Sound No. 1 & Assistant Sound Designer | Playground Theatre
Nov - Dec 2018

Directed by Grace Taylor
Sound Design by Andy Graham

Music and Lyrics by Matt Board
Book by Reina Hardy

FANATICAL is a brand new musical, ideal for fans of musicals and all things science fiction. It tells the story of how fans of beloved comic book turned TV show Angel 8, can save the day.

Set in a UK convention centre; Angel 8 fans eagerly await the arrival of author and keynote speaker Scott Furnish (played by Stephen Frost).

Fans, led by Trix (played by Suanne Braun) cannot wait to meet Furnish as the first season TV show of Angel 8 has just finished airing.

With a pop score, it is a fast-paced, upbeat comedy celebrating what it means to be passionate about the things you love.